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Local, State, Federal
and International.


We’ve built SMS text messaging solutions at every level of Government.  We work with all levels of government.  Even International.

We go beyond just sending messages. We’re deep into business case analysis. We know where to find opportunities that add value to tight budgets. We’ve shown hospitals how to reduce no-shows to outpatient department appointments. Cut waiting lists. Slashed internal costs. Raised additional revenue. Made patients and staff happy

We showed a major aged care provider how to eliminate agency labor costs. Given current staff more hours. Shaved $200,000 off operating costs. We understand government portfolios. Know what they need to improve service and drive down costs.

We’ve done it all before.

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Ticks every box.

Government ready SMS messaging.



Everything is secure. All the time. We follow the Privacy Act to the letter. We hold sensitive information, on trust.  Multiple redundant gateway servers in separate premium data centres. Your secrets are safe with us.

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Business Continuity

We’ve designed our business around good governance. Our contingency planning and processes are built on ISO22301. We’ve got backups of our backups. All encrypted and stored securely offsite should the unthinkable happen.

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Risk Management

There’s too much at stake to leave anything to chance. We’ve considered every scenario. Put mitigations in place. Planned for the unexpected. Designed our processes to meet ISO31000 standards. Whatever may come, we’re ready.

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